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neutralize past traumas and triggersdecondition to reveal your true selflive your best differentiated self

neutralize past traumas and triggersdecondition to reveal your true selflive your best differentiated self

heal,  liberate  &  be

heal,  liberate  &  be

Lori Otruba

An attuned holistic therapist and Reiki Master with certifications in Biofield Tuning, Human Design, and Hypnotherapy.

I have been going to Lori since September of 2017, for past life regression and reiki sessions, and in just a few short months, the change and healing that has occurred in me and in my family is hard to put into words. I have grown spiritually, and I have more peace than I ever had. Two of my children (4 & 6) see Lori for reiki sessions, and the growth and healing in them has been amazing (my 6-year-old has autism, and the change in him in seeing Lori has been astounding). I’m so grateful for Lori and the work that she does!

Julie W., Kingman, AZ

Thank you for being a healer, because in a lifetime of therapy, I have never felt more at peace than after you and the divine took time for me. At first, I was taken off-guard by your eyes. They were strangely calming, yet internally revealing of myself like I couldn’t hide around that kind of power… I haven’t met many souls that have had that kind of impact on me…  I truly felt beautiful for the first time on the inside and out after leaving you all that night. I guess I had never actually felt what that was like before…  I also left feeling like I wasn’t quite aware of the impact I may have made on you, but it was a thought in my mind.

Kayleigh P., Kingman, AZ
I don’t know what happened to me, angels, guides, Grandma, whatever you want to call it hypnotherapy session, but it was unbelievable and life-changing. I sobbed uncontrollably and released God knows how many years of childhood trauma and (first responder PTSD). Just try it!
Tim Jarek, Old Town, ME

One year ago today, I started writing in my first-ever journal…  I was led to you, and I am so thankful. With meeting you, I have changed myself and my surroundings. Also, getting to have the closeness with my father has helped in his passing.

You gave me the tools and advice, and I did as you guided me. You have kept telling me how much I have grown, but I didn’t see the depth of it all until I looked back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance, support, and love.

S.K., Kingman, AZ
Words can’t express how much you have helped and changed my life. I truly don’t know where I would be today without you. You have given me hope for the future and closure on my past. You helped me to know I can stand on my own two feet and be alone. And it’s OKAY because  I CAN DO IT! I’m a better mom and person for all you have opened my eyes up to! These are lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life, that I couldn’t do before. So, thank you for being you and showing me, ME. Your gift is truly amazing.
N.N., AZ

This was an AMAZING experience! Lori is so welcoming and easy to chat with. We covered many aspects of my life prior to the QHHT session. Her discussion with my subconscious was on point. I would certainly recommend Lori’s services to others and seriously look into studying QHHT myself.

Ann Russell, Augusta, ME

A Cogent 3-Phase Journey

Proven and well-honed with over a decade of research, training, and 7 years of advising hundreds of clients


  • Scanning your bio-field to neutralize trapped past traumas, re-align, and recharge your entire energetic body.
  • Each subsequent 90-minute session clears and optimizes a deeper layer, unloading more of that proverbial baggage off your shoulders.
  • A minimum of 3 sessions is needed before embarking on the next phase.


  • Examining how each of us has been conditioned by external forces since birth, stripping us of our self-awareness.
  • Discovering your true human design (a unique user manual for your body, brain, and mind).
  • Delving into the decision-making authority and overall life strategy that is appropriate for your design.


  • Supporting your ongoing experimentation with the liberated true self.
  • Various levels of maintenance and coaching support are available.
  • Go forth authentic, lighter, more present, and embrace the journey that was meant for you!

Integrated Modality Suite

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Integrated Modality Suite

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