Lori Otruba,
Advanced Reiki Master/Practitioner |

As a child, Lori was always extremely sensitive and attuned to her intuition and others’ emotions. Even though she was gregarious as a child, Lori enjoyed spending much time alone in nature and with animals to balance her energy. As an adult, working in a corporate setting for 20+ years, it became apparent Lori was a natural-born coach, guiding friends and co-workers along their path using her strong intuition and empathic abilities. In 2011, Lori was introduced to the Angelic Realm and has incorporated them into her work and her family’s lives.

Lori has been in the Healing Arts since 2015 as an Alternative & Holistic Therupeatic Practitioner, offering services of Intuitive Life Coaching, Reiki Healing, Regression {Past Life & Current {Age} Regression}, and Future Life Progression Therapy. Lori’s further explorations have led her to the eventual degree and certifications in Human Design through the International Human Design School. She has also pursued additional education in the hypnosis arena with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® {QHHT®}.

Lori also channels the Universal and Angelic Energies and intuits with these Energies in all her coaching, healing, and energy work. She offers In-Person and Remote Sessions for her coaching, reiki healing, and hypnosis sessions. All QHHT® hypnosis sessions are done as in-person sessions only. All sessions are individually unique and have strong coaching and guidance undertones.

As a life-long learner, Lori continues to develop her skills and abilities through research, books, classes, and mentorship. Lori believes that continuous growth and learning further develops a person to a higher level, even a person with natural skills and abilities, and adds value to each of her client’s sessions.

Lori wants to share her gifts and knowledge by inviting you to contact her at The Soul Collaborative to assist you in your growth, healing, and journey through life.