I have wanted to write this blog for a while now, even since Archangel Sandalphon stepped forward while administering reiki to a client a few months back. At first, I wondered why he came forward, and then I heard him clearly tell me it was to help that person become more in touch with the music of their soul; their Heart Song. So for this month’s blog, I thought I would go a little deeper into Archangel Sandalphon’s Message to Humanity from August’s Newsletter.

Finding our Soul’s Resonance

One of the first things Sandalphon mentions is, “He would like us to find our soul’s resonance, or “Heart Song”, by being still and quiet to find the music within …” Finding the discipline to sit quietly and listen can be challenging, especially when our lives are filled with so many distractions. I’m sure many of you can relate to the fact that I’ve lost hours scrolling through Facebook when I should have been doing something else more constructive ;-). While the occasional stroll through social media is fine, problems arise when that distraction is used as avoidance. According to Tony Robbins, a leading life coach, one of the six human needs is to avoid pain and seek pleasure; avoiding the pain of change or introspection by distracting ourselves doesn’t make the pain go away, it becomes an ever-constant nagging that gets louder and louder the more we ignore it. Seeking stillness, quiet, and meditation eases the pain bit-by-bit, causing a resonance for the mind, body, and soul to align with each other gradually. Aligning with our music within is a slow process, and we need to have grace for ourselves throughout.

Inner and Outer Worlds

Sandalphon states, “I want you to find your Heart Song and send it out into the world. The song of your heart will share its pattern and harmonize with the song of the Earth—sit in the quiet and appreciate the beautiful music of your song and the Earth’s song working together. They are different tunes, but they work together in harmony.” As a human race, we seem to have lost track of the intricate connections between the inner the outer world. We’ve lost the connection of our inner world, where meaning is created, balance is found, and a sense of self is reclaimed. We’ve lost the connection to the outer world (nature), where we spend our physical time and reflect our true selves in the outward appearance of our lives. Humanity is starving through its isolated, separate selves, as we lack the needed nutrients of the inner and outer meaning that feed the mind, body, and, soul. These inner and outer connections are created living through the heart, grounding to the Earth, and appreciating the cycles of nature and life (the falling away of the old and the rebirth of the new).

Out-of-Tune Waves

As Sandalphon states, “All too often, humanity forgets its song … people forget to listen, and they get off track, and they fall out of tune. The trick is to make sure those out-of-tune waves coming at you don’t change your internal song.” He’s asking us to listen to what’s being spoken on the inside. If we feel off track, we should simply listen to our internal voice, course correct, and head back on our path. He’s also asking us to pay attention to those out-of-tune waves that come at us on a daily basis. These out-of-tune waves come from people-pleasing and doing what others expect of you, instead of living by your own expectations. They come from the consistent, ceaseless noise of what we see and encounter with any form of media. It is affecting our way of thinking about the inner and outer worlds, keeping us separate and isolated from one another. We need to be vigilant about out-of-tune sounds, so we stay steadfast and on track with our Heart Song.


Your Heart Song is an invitation to revisit the connection within. It’s the still, small voice of calm, calling you back to reclaim your true self. Your Heart Song is not the judgment and ridicule of society screaming, “you’re not good enough!” Your Heart Song speaks to you gently, lovingly, reassuringly. It leads you within, telling you not to fear what waits inside you, hidden from view. When you tune into your Heart Song, the Earth’s tune hums along, creating a beautiful melody. Can you just imagine the music we could all make together? I guess that’s why Sandalphon sings the lyric: “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I’d like to hold it in my arms…”

I encourage all of you to get in touch with your Heart Song, as Sandalphon advises, “If your heart-centered purpose is your destination, then your Heart Song lights the path you walk to get there. That’s the easiest way … if you stay in harmony, that’s the easiest way to get to where you need to be.”

Have a great month, Everyone!