• Hypnosis is a state in which the individual is relaxed, meditative, and possesses heightened awareness.
  • Because this hypnotic state is self-realized, individuals have recall of the events and continue to process the experience weeks and even months afterward.
  • This is very different from Stage Hypnosis, which is a theatrical performance by a willing accomplice. Therapeutic hypnosis seeks to provide a higher understanding of the events of one’s life, current or past.
  • Helpful characteristics that enable successful hypnosis are a willingness to participate in the experience, an ability to relax or meditate, and a capacity to be imaginative. Even if you don’t have these qualities you can still be hypnotized, but more time might be involved to have a successful hypnotic experience.


Utilizing a hypnotic state, Regression (moving backward) and Progression (moving forward) is the access of the subconscious to recall the details of your current, previous, and potential future lifetimes.

Some people try Past Life Regression to satisfy a sense of curiosity, while others realize that it is a path both for personal growth and healing. With the assistance of a trained, experienced guide, the subconscious resistance can be surmounted.

Benefits of Regression/Progression Therapy are:
  1. Have a higher perspective on your relationships, past traumas leading to physical and emotional difficulties, and life’s purpose.
  2. Additionally, fears and phobias can be overcome and abilities and talents can be accessed and brought forward from the past.

Time is a very interesting concept. Time is only measured here in the 3D world. When exploring Past, Present, and Future Lifetimes, time is not linear in nature; it is continuous and ongoing with multiple timelines. That means that everyone has carryovers occurring in their Present Lifetime, whether they are Past or Future or both, and affecting the Present Lifetime. However, when taking a conscious choice to explore and heal from these carryovers, Past, Present, and Future timelines and relationships to others and the self are affected and changed.

Others Reasons

Here are just a few reasons why people have chosen this alternative method of therapy.

  • Alternative healing to etherically release memories, echoes, and imprints from the body
  • To move forward from a divorce, partnership, or other relationship
  • To have a deeper understanding of the relationships you have or had in this lifetime
  • To have a deeper understanding of the lessons you are working on in this lifetime
  • To simply move forward in this life