One-Time Hypnosis Consultation / Pre-Talk

All First-Time Clients will need to schedule a One-Time Hypnosis Consultation / Pre-Talk. This is usually done via Zoom or FaceTime but can be a phone call as well. This time is used to get to know one another and complete an Intake Form. This time is also utilized to answer any questions you may have.

Confidentiality Agreement

A Confidentiality Agreement is required for The Soul Collaborative Soul Healing Hypnosis Sessions and will be sent to you prior to your Past, Current, Future, or Guardian Angel/Spirit Guide session. This Agreement is simply to protect Lori’s trade-secreted techniques.

In-Person, Day-of-Session Parking

Whether you are flying or driving in, it is advised that you park in the Pickering Square Parking Garage or other offered locations suggested here: due to the length of your session. Street parking in various locations throughout Downtown Bangor is not advised due to a 90-minute to 2-hour parking limit.

Block Out the Day

Whether you are scheduling an Archangel Awakening® Hypnosis Session or a QHHT® Session, be sure to block out the day for yourself. Any hypnosis session has the potential to emotionally and energetically deplete you. Allowing time to process, rest, and ground {via food} is highly recommended.

To get the most from your session, please come with an open mind and no expectations or attachments to an outcome.



Housekeeping Items for Distance Sessions
  1. You’ll need a nice quiet space, so your bedroom or a reclining chair would be ideal.
  2. Also, unless your room is already muted or dark, you may need to place something over your eyes and forehead.
  3. And lastly, if you have headphones for your phone, I highly recommend the use of those during our session. This provides noise reduction and maintains clarity.

Hypnosis Transcriptions

All hypnosis sessions are recorded and kept strictly confidential. Lori has found that the majority of clients will not download the recording after a session. That said, The Soul Collaborative offers a Hypnosis Transcript for a small additional fee of your session for your review and records at a later time. If you would like to have a Hypnosis Transcript, you can purchase this through the Add-On section after booking your session. Transcripts are sent to you via email in PDF format.