Shining Out From WithinI captured this picture the other morning while I was having my coffee. There was a bit of fog and mist lifting as the Sun was rising, and it was just too beautiful to pass up. It’s these moments that I cherish the most, as they are so fleeting. I look at this picture in wonder because it symbolizes so much for me.

One of the many representations of the Sun is our Heart, and I teach living from this place, the Heart-Centered Space. When I feel into this picture, the Sun shining through the mist represents my heart reverberating out into the world. I don’t think I could have found a better picture that showcases this symbolism and teaching.

This reverberation can be on many levels, sometimes negative, sometimes positive, sometimes with lots of love, passion, and gratitude, and sometimes with hurt, anger, and envy. The rays shining through the trees are the pieces of my Heart that I am allowing and want to reveal. Why are there only pieces shining and not my whole Heart? Because the tree represents a block I need to work through.  As I overcome that block more of my whole Heart will be exposed.

Ah, and there’s that word … EXPOSED … Many think that word means raw and vulnerable, but does it really? You may feel vulnerable at the beginning of the unblocking process, but after a few times it no longer feels that way. And, I ask you, what do you want to reverberate out into the world? Each of us is a part of the collective whole, and if each of us focuses on what we’re reverberating out into the world and starts to heal, guess what happens to the collective whole?

I encourage each of you to save this photo as a way to channel your Heart space, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes a day. I ask that you feel into this beautiful and sacred space, sending yourself, others, and Mother Earth love, forgiveness, and gratitude daily. As you practice this, send those Sun Rays (Heart Reverberations) out into the world. Each day, each moment is a choice on where our focus is going to be and what reverberation we are going to emit into the world. What are you going to choose?