This morning I woke up rather out of sorts and very tired. I looked outside only to see the weather reflecting my mood with overcast skies and snow. While I watched the snow fall, collecting on the pine trees outside, the words Trust, Patience, Gratitude, and Detachment came to me. I started thinking about each of these words, knowing full well what their meanings are for me.


The first two (Trust and Patience) I have heard several times over the past few months. I have always been the type of person to push myself, wanting to accomplish so much in this lifetime with the single-minded goal of helping and serving as many people as I possibly can. And my Type A personality feeds into this as well. Since I was a teen, I have been a knowledge-seeker. This knowledge-seeking has happened during several different phases of my life. And once again, I find myself in this knowledge-seeking and gathering phase. As I reflect on each of those phases, including this one, I notice that they are periods of massive growth, seclusion, and an overwhelming sense of aloneness. Now, I know I’m not alone; we are never alone. But, when you try to explain to someone what you are going through, if they have not had the experience themselves, it is very hard to put into words and to be understood.


So, here I was totally immersed in my thoughts about these words, and this is what came to me.



When I focus my attention on this word, I know it means for me to Trust the process, that all is well. Most importantly, it means for me to Trust my abilities. After many years as a healer, I still struggle with this piece of me. It’s a wonderful way of staying humble in this profession; however, I am still blown away with what comes through in my sessions and the physical manifestations of my person when massive healing is taking place for the person I’m serving. I’m in awe of this, and there are absolutely no words that can describe the experience I’m having with each session. It’s an incredibly humbling experience.


But, now, I’m in another phase of my life where solitude is required as another ‘leveling up’ occurs for me, and this is forcing me to really look at what’s going on deep inside me and acknowledge those pieces that have been hidden from view for a while. On some level I’ve always known they existed, but to truly look at these, feel through them, and then release them is at times a bit overwhelming. Yes, I have the free will choice to continue to avoid these, but then that slows my growth, and others are affected due to this, so free will in this instance is not an option; therefore, in this space of solitude I am learning to Trust at a capacity I didn’t know existed. But, this brings me to my next word…



As I sit in this solitude, learning to Trust ALL OF IT requires Patience, and what I’m realizing is there are different forms of Patience. I have the Patience of Job on many other things in my life, such as my husband’s 12-year journey to make a career switch that benefited many people (immediate and far reaching); however, that form of Patience does not filter over into my world. I tend to set a very high expectation for myself and disappoint myself when I haven’t met whatever expectation.


Today, I realized that Patience with the process and Patience with this new level of Trust is also very much needed here. This Patience with the Self is self-love and self-care at its best. As I gather, seek knowledge, and level up in my current state of solitude, I need to remind myself that this is all part of the journey to my destination. I WILL get there, but if I’m resisting Trust and Patience along the way, it will take me twice as long to achieve any of it, and it will continue to persist. Embracing ALL OF IT is the only option.


While I was thinking about this, I realized just how ungrateful I sound, which brought me to my next word…



As tough as this is to feel the feels and work through it all, I realized that gratitude is the next part of this process. I am being provided a beautiful opportunity to grow in order to share my gifts with the world and become the best version of myself, and I’m over here wallowing about what’s not happening fast enough in my world and how its all supposed to look. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? There are people out there that would love an opportunity like this. Honestly, I have no idea how long any of this is going to last, but being ungrateful for such a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow, well … this is not an option either. Which brings me to the last and final word…



While I was finishing up with the word Gratitude, Detachment jumped in. That’s when I realized that I needed to detach from whatever outcome I think it should be. In all of our lives, the possibilities are endless. This is based on our pre-destined path we chose to come in with as well as our free will. They go hand-in-hand, but when we place our own ‘HOW’ to the equation, we limit any other possibilities. Honestly, I have no idea how any of what I am doing is going to look like in the future. I have a feeling and intuition of the many possibilities, but if I don’t remove my attachment to what I think the outcome should be, I will limit myself on many levels which then effects everyone I am supposed to encounter in this life, and again, this is not an option.


I wrote this, because I felt there are people, maybe not with the same circumstances, but who are having their own experiences and these words may reach them at just the right moment, helping them through. Also, people need to understand that just because you were either born with these gifts or developed them over time, we are all very human and struggle with the best of them. The key here is learning to Trust, have Patience, be Grateful, and Detach in each situation or circumstance, opening yourself up to a broader, bigger picture, because the more you open yourself up to ALL OF IT, the possibilities are endless and your suffering disappears.


The other morning, while having my coffee, I was thinking about something I read recently about the Heart. This got me thinking about the Heart on other levels, so I would like to take you on a deeper journey and higher perspective of the Heart and what it means to follow your Heart.

The Soul

Others may disagree with me, and that’s okay, but I believe this is where our soul lives…in the Heart. If my heart is telling me something, it is never wrong, and I have learned to listen to this. Our Soul lives in our Heart because our Heart is the central location and connection for all the other chakras. When I was first experiencing my spiritual awakening, I was in a meditation, and I asked myself two questions to bring myself back into the present moment, as there are times the mind (EGO) really loves to have its way with you. I go into further detail about this below. I asked “What time is it?” and “Where am I?” and to my surprise, the answers came rather quickly. The answer “Now” came to the first question, and the other wasn’t so much an answer but an awareness and feeling. The word “Here” came, but the location was in my heart. This was my Soul telling me it lived in my Heart. So, this leads to the next question, “What is it about listening to my Heart that leads me to feel my Soul and myself are acting true to both?” Well, when you are listening to your Heart, it is Soul-guided. When listening to your Head, it is EGO-guided. Which one would you listen to?

A Message: Taking Your Power Back

I’d like to share with you a message that came up from my guides back in November 2016, when the election happened, and the world was in emotional chaos. It still is, but I feel less of the collective currently … let’s just say that’s a good thing for me;-). Anyway, as I mentioned above, the Heart Chakra is the central chakra that connects all the other chakras in the physical body. My guides were telling me that if people followed their hearts and their heart-felt desires, that from a collective standpoint, reality would change for them. This was a huge message, as most of my clients were asking questions about the future, and this was the message … focus on YOUR desires, not the desires of others. When we have a mass consciousness focusing on their heart’s desires, it changes the world, and you take your power back instead of giving it to those who don’t really care about you. Let me expound on what “taking your power back” means. Taking your power back is not allowing the fear to settle in when you see something on Facebook or watch something on the news. Taking your power back is staying centered in the face of a life storm. Taking your power back is recognizing when you do not have control over situations and carrying on with your life despite that. Taking your power back is not allowing those to manipulate you or intimidate you. Taking your power back is living in your heart-centered space, growing as a person, and accepting change as it comes. Taking your power back is living by your expectations of yourself and not what others expect from you. Taking your power back means not letting someone or something have control or power over you through fear-based tactics. Taking your power back means not expending anymore energy on a person or situation through your thoughts.

The Chakra System

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the energy centers of our bodies, a picture is below. From bottom to top, they are the following:  Root Chakra (Red), Sacral Chakra (Orange), Solar Plexus Charka (Yellow), Heart Chakra (Green), Throat Chakra (Blue), Third Eye Chakra (Purple), and Crown Chakra (White).








I won’t go into detail about all the other chakras right now, since we are only talking about the Heart Chakra. Here’s a quick overview of the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the chakra devoted to love and compassion. The Heart Chakra is also known as Anahata in the Hindu Yogi Chakra system. Anahata translates in English to “unstuck.” Chakras can be completely blocked (spinning slowly) or closed or completely open (spinning too fast). Ideally, you want your chakras to be balanced, not blocked and not completely open. These blocks and imbalances also cause physical manifestations such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and heart problems, just to name a few.

If you have a blocked Heart Chakra, some of the signs can be:

  • Refusal or inability to forgive;
  • Lack of empathy and compassion;
  • Refusal of letting go;
  • Low self-worth or self-esteem;
  • Victim mentality or blaming others for your situation.

If you have a Heart Chakra that is completely open, some of the signs can be:

  • Inability to feel or emotions that you have repressed, whether you know it or not;
  • Holding a grudge;
  • Controlling or the need to be right…”my way or the highway.”
  • Competitive…such as in business with the mindset of “what can you do for me, instead of how may I serve you;”
  • Obsession with money.

If you feel like you have either of these in your Heart Chakra, I highly recommend seeing a Reiki practitioner for balancing. If you don’t want to do that, then I would recommend getting in touch with your Heart through a few minutes of daily meditation.

You may be thinking, “But what about the Mind?” Yes, our conscious mind is at play here with respect to how we perceived the situation; however, it is the Heart that is causing the feelings to come up in you. Our perception also plays a big role in how we feel and create emotions and our reality. Our perceptions are based on our belief systems, our experiences, our past life experiences, and our generational and societal conditioning. We as humans are very complex and multifaceted individuals.


If you are too much in your head, you are being driven by the EGO or the uncontrolled thoughts of the conscious mind. I love Wayne Dyer’s acronym for what EGO stands for…Edging God Out, because that is essentially what is happening. Spending too much time in your head will cause you to start doubting the direction you want to take. That’s because your EGO thinks it’s going to die! When you start taking a more heart-centered approach to your life, you will experience many times that your beastly EGO will rear its ugly head until you quiet the beast within. When the EGO is quieted, this is when your head and heart are in alignment with each other, and you start to live from a space of authenticity, becoming your greatest version of yourself.


I talk a lot about gratitude in my sessions with clients. When feeling gratitude, it is generated in the Heart. The Heart is the emotion center. When someone has hurt us, we say, “Our heart is broken.” Think about a time when you have felt completely grateful for something, where did you feel the emotion? … It felt like your Heart was going to explode with happiness, didn’t it?

Law of Attraction

In the metaphysical arena, our thoughts create our reality. With the Law of Attraction, we are guided to focus on our desires; however, to bring these desires to us, we have to match the vibration of it through emotion or feeling … “What would it feel like? What would the emotions be if I had that thing or that career, that relationship, etc.?” These emotions and feelings are generated through Your Heart.

I believe having this understanding of where your emotion is generated can really be eye opening, as we can then begin to try and understand why we are feeling a particular way. Upon our understanding, we forge a new path of self-discovery, moving forward in our lives, and it can also be the beginning of our healing and learning how to follow our hearts.

Have a wonderful week!

Blessings and Namaste