Things are going very well. This was truly an amazing experience for me. My mind is so much calmer, and I just feel all around lighter. I no longer hold my breath or feeling like I’m choking. Just processing thru that hard past life was much needed. I had been waiting to do this healing for a very long time and it just never felt right until I met you. You put me at ease and took the time to listen and care.

Susan V., Mohave Valley, AZ {01/13/2018}

Thank you for being a healer, because in a lifetime of therapy, I have never felt more at peace than after you and the divine took time for me. At first, I was taken off-guard by your eyes. They were strangely calming, yet internally revealing of myself like I couldn’t hide around that kind of power. Not that I try to in daily life, nor do I want to because that’s not who I am, but it’s not possible to do so in your presence, and that was overwhelming in a good way. I haven’t met many souls that have had that kind of impact on me, and it was refreshing and exciting and scary but rad… I truly felt beautiful for the first time on the inside and out after leaving you all that night. I guess I had never actually felt what that was like before…I also left feeling like I wasn’t quite aware of the impact I may have made on you, but it was a thought in my mind.

Kayleigh P., Kingman, AZ {12/06/2017}

I have been going to Lori since September of 2017, for past life regression and reiki sessions, and in just a few short months, the change and healing that has occurred in me and in my family is hard to put into words. I have grown spiritually, and I have more peace than I ever had. Two of my children (4 & 6) see Lori for reiki sessions, and the growth and healing in them has been amazing (my 6-year-old has autism, and the change in him in seeing Lori has been astounding). I’m so grateful for Lori and the work that she does!

Julie W., Kingman, AZ {11/27/2017}


Lori is an amazing soul. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Getting the opportunity to speak with her is a blessing for me and my family.

–Vicky White, Kingman, AZ {02/01/2022}

When I was thinking about starting my business 3 years ago, I was stuck. The enormity of the task was so great that I was completely overwhelmed and fearful of beginning. So, I turned to Lori Otruba because she’s legitimately the most organized and motivated person I know. She had started multiple businesses of her own, as well as assisting in the day-to-day success of major corporations. I needed to get un-stuck, and Lori was just the one to coach me through it.

We Skyped once a week, and Lori broke down the ginormous undertaking of business startup into small, manageable To-Do lists, starting with the not-so-scary little stuff and moving on to the really big things. During our meetings, she guided me through the tasks, as well as my emotions surrounding those tasks. Things were a lot less daunting when I had my own personal cheerleader, and Lori was firm and enthusiastic in her support. She acted as both a sounding board and a generator of ideas, and her insights into the business world were invaluable. She helped me find a path that allowed me to stay true to my interests and passions, so I ended up building something that has grown from my greatest strengths. Now my business feels like a natural, authentic off-shoot of my life.

I can’t speak highly enough about Lori’s endless patience, thoughtful guidance, and attention to detail. She coached me through a challenging time, addressing both the logistical and emotional aspects of starting a new life endeavor. I’m so grateful for her talents, her insight, and her understanding.

Tracy B., PT, MPT ~ Connected Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC, Cleveland, Ohio {09/15/2015}

My limiting beliefs were keeping me from taking my pressed floral craft from a hobby to a successful business. I met Lori in 2013 and thank God I did! She saw my vision for my business and started coaching me toward little successes until I felt confident to take the leap to really start my business.

With Lori’s coaching, I have set up a strong business process and have unbelievable faith in my abilities to run a successful business. She provides both the tactile support through her own many years in business along with the spiritual side which gives you the complete support you need for success.

I am now running my business and utilizing the success tools that Lori has guided me through. Lori put my spirit and my mind in the right place to get me to where I wanted to be. I have gained an awareness that has powerfully shifted my perspective and is enabling me to attract more of what I want for my life and for my business.

Lori is an amazing coach, and she truly is the most inspiring person I have ever met. She is like an angel who was sent to help others succeed! Thanks so much to The Soul Collaborative!

Shiela S. ~ Three Wren Floral {08/21/2015}

I met Lori Otruba in June 2014 through the friendship of our daughters.  After meeting Lori for the first time, I instantly felt a connection on a deeper level with her, which is unusual for a first-time encounter.  At that moment my intuition told me I needed to get to know her as soon as possible.  I’m certainly glad I listened to that voice inside, because Lori turned out to be a very dear friend, spiritual sister, and has given me the intuitive-motivational business direction that I needed.

Lori has the blessed gifts of great insight and intuition, as well as the ability to be tuned-in, tapped-in, and connected to the people she works with.  She is able to lead and guide people toward their true authentic life’s path and soul purpose, that they may have been unable to see for themselves.  With Lori’s gentle but deep-knowing guidance, she is able to assist you in removing mental and spiritual obstacles, so your vision may become clearer, your inner voice may be heard and your motivation to be sparked to walk on the divine path meant for you to live a truly soulful and abundant life.  I highly recommend Lori as a life coach and intuitive spiritual mentor!  She has been a divine gift in my life!

Andrea T. ~ Physical Therapist/Inspirational Speaker, Rochester, New York {08/21/2015}


Lori is beyond fabulous! I was skeptical going into the tuning forks, but it literally changed my life. I have never felt more free from things I didn’t even know were there. She is so patient and so kind! I am forever thankful for Lori and her crew!

Bekah Sherwood, Kingman, AZ {04/06/2022}

I love that I’m aware of not taking on other people’s energies anymore. So freeing!

Vicky White, Kingman, AZ {02/21/2022}


Past Life Regression

I know this isn’t for everyone. To the people who are open to it, it was a very enjoyable experience. I was able to have my mind opened to things I never considered and got a glimpse into parts of my mind and soul that I’d otherwise never know existed.

–Randal ~ Bangor, ME — {01/29/2022}

Guardian Angel / Spirit Guide Introduction

I don’t know what happened to me, angels, guides, Grandma, whatever you want to call it hypnotherapy session, but it was unbelievable and life changing. I sobbed uncontrollably and released God knows how many years of childhood trauma and (first responder PTSD). Just try it!

–Tim Jarek ~ Old Town, ME by way of Annapolis, MD — {01/16/2022}


This was an AMAZING experience! Lori is so welcoming and easy to chat with. We covered many aspects of my life prior to the QHHT session. Her discussion with my subconscious was on point. I would certainly recommend Lori’s services to others and seriously look into studying QHHT myself.

Ann Russell, Augusta, ME {02/25/2022}


‘Walking Their Path’ Client Successes

{These beautiful words are from clients who have received a number of the following sessions over a period of time: Reiki Healing, Tuning Fork Therapy, Past Life Regression, Guardian Angel/Spirit Guide Introduction, Passed Loved One Conversation, Future Life Progression, Angel Guidance, QHHT®, Intuitive Life Coaching, Human Design, Psychic/Medium, and Psychic Development Sessions}


I don’t even know where to start. Lori is a beautiful lady inside and out and has helped me through a lot. I have had a lot of family that was close to me pass away. It’s hard because a piece of your heart goes with that person, but Lori helps you to have pieces of them in your heart because that’s where they are always at. Her Reiki sessions helped heal me of a lot of pain that I was carrying and some I did not even know I was carrying. The Past Life Regression was amazing to find out what and who you were in the past and who was in your family and how your roles change throughout life. I love the Intuitive Life Coaching. Your family on the other side gives you good feedback whether you want to hear it or not, but always good. And our Archangels like to help you out in whatever you are going through. I have been seeing Lori for help since 2016, and she never disappoints. The Tune Fork Therapy was very informative about your stuck energies.

–Rhonda Brown, Kingman, AZ — {01/28/2022}

After one of many Past Life Regressions and healing sessions with Lori, we talked about the changes. I knew the issue went back many, many lifetimes. After our PLR, it was the first moment that I truly felt like my ability to love people, to keep my “shiny happy” perspective, wasn’t a burden. It always felt like an instinct I should check for protection, so people didn’t take advantage of me or manipulate that trait for their own gain. This was the first time I was given permission to let down my guard, to view the ability to love as a strength, and it was unbelievably freeing. At 44, I finally felt like I could live my true nature.

The shift in my Self was fundamental, a cracking open and rising up. I knew the session was going to be tough, and the issues I faced were going to be hard. I also knew I would feel so much better afterward because the healing is so soul-deep and complete. The more sessions we do, the easier it is to face the hard things because the positive shifts are fundamental, deep-rooted, and total.

There’s no way this level of healing could have happened without the techniques Lori uses. I can see how traditional counseling may have helped a little–in talking through events in my current life, I would have felt the need to forgive myself, but I never would have truly understood why. By going back into past lifetimes, we dug down to the root of the issue, unearthed it, and healed it completely. The integration still takes a while afterward, but I can wrap my brain around my learned behaviors and work on those habits. The important achievement is that my fundamental sense of self is irrevocably changed for the better, and that brings a peace and perspective that makes living my true purpose as easy as breathing. (Which I still do, one day at a time, as I unravel habits.)

I’m so incredibly grateful for this process. I am a better person and a better parent for having done the work. As I learn to walk my path, I can use the lessons I’ve learned to encourage my kids to walk theirs. I feel like I’m truly stepping into my heart-centered purpose and aligning with my best self. It’s a beautiful, freeing, exciting thing to see who I’ll become.

T.O., Cleveland, OH {10/22/2019}

One year ago today, I started writing in my first-ever journal. Reading through the first couple of pages made me emotional — sad, happy, but mostly proud. That does not happen often. Last year I was led to you, and I am so thankful. With meeting you, I have changed myself and my surroundings. Also, getting to have the closeness with my father has helped in his passing.

You gave me the tools and advice, and I did as you guided me. You have kept telling me how much I have grown, but I didn’t see the depth of it all until I looked back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance, support, and love.

S.K., Kingman, AZ{03/11/2019}

Words can’t express how much you have helped and changed my life. I truly don’t know where I would be today without you. You have given me hope for the future and closure on my past. You helped me to know I can stand on my own two feet and be alone. And it’s OKAY because  I CAN DO IT! I’m a better mom and person for all you have opened my eyes up to! These are lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life, that I couldn’t do before. So, thank you for being you and showing me, ME. Your gift is truly amazing.

N.N., AZ {09/2018}